What Makes An All-Season Mask?

When the snow was falling and wind was howling, the thought of wearing a face covering was a little more attractive. Aside from all the wet masks, the fogged glasses as our steamy air whistled into the cold and of course the icy coating that leeched onto our mask during the coldest days. Remember how we envied summer?! And finally it arrived, bringing with it the mustache of sweat growing under our masks! Did you forget about the furnace-effect of having material pressed against your face during the record heat wave? 

Unfortunately we can’t control the weather, but we can choose a mask that stays consistent - even when the temperature doesn’t

A Checklist For Your All-Season Mask

  • Water Resistant 
  • Whether it’s rain in the winter or sweat in the summer, water resistance is a key component of wearing your mask comfortably all year round! 

  • Light-Weight Material 
  • Quick to dry in the winter means easy to breathe in the summer. You’ll need ultra-effective fabric to keep it light - like these ones here. 

  • Durability 
  • If you wear your mask as much as we do, you know the wear-and-tear from the elements. But! If you invest in high-quality material you’ll skip the nuisance of having to replace your mask every month. 

  • Structural Integrity 
  • A mask should never sag against your nose and mouth - but unfortunately a lot do. When the mask is designed with contoured lines it allows full oxygenation which we find essential regardless of the season! 

  • Anti-Fog 
  • The design that makes your mask anti-fog is the same structure that helps ventilate the mask in the summer. 

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