So you don't want to wear a mask?

We get it. Trust us. 
Wearing masks can be a sweaty, suffocating, itchy and overall annoying experience. From the disposal masks that maintain a constant dew throughout the day to the thick, claustrophobic masks that make you sympathize with Gandalf. 
Eventually though, rules are rules and safety … is safety. The easiest way to transition into the habit of wearing face protection is simply to find one that meets the following criteria: 


The biggest complaint people make when adjusting to mask-wearing? “I can’t breathe in this thing!” Choose a cover that's light to avoid feeling smothered. Remember : Density doesn’t mean efficiency. 


 8 hours is a long time to have straps around your ears and material plastered on your face. A smooth lining and soft ear loops make a world of difference. 


Just because one mask is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s necessarily more affordable. Finding reusable filter layers, durable straps and proper face contouring all contribute to the value of a mask. Good news is there are companies that offer it all at incredible rates.  


Obviously wearing a mask is better than not. But really, what’s the point of face coverings that aren’t designed to medical standards? Style is important, but more critical than polka dots and stripes is protection. 


Converting to cloth covers already demonstrates a responsible attitude towards the environment. Supporting a company that utilizes the many organic materials available can be a fantastic way to practice environmental stewardship. 
At this point you’re probably panicking.
“How are you supposed to find a cover that checks all those boxes?” 
Pretty simple. 
This specialized, worldwide company won’t just meet your expectations … they’ll exceed them. From quick shipping, trendy styles and sizes appropriate for all family members, everyone walks away with a smile. 

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