Show you care. Wear a mask.

Wearing a mask isn’t just about protecting ourselves. 
It’s about protecting our communities. 
It’s our way of saying, “I’ll do my part to keep you safe.” 
SmartCover ensures your effort counts and makes mask-wearing worthwhile. 
Here’s how. 
Professionally Designed 
Measured to hug the contours of the face, SmartCover provides optimal comfort and increased safety. With soft-elastic hoops for your ears, lightweight material and a sturdy framework, SmartCover is one of the best in the industry. 
Medically Recommended 
The W.H.O prescribes 3-layered masks consisting of an outer shell, a filter and the inner lining. SmartCover is just that. Using the advanced Nanotechnology, these masks increase your protection to 99.9%. 
Environmentally Friendly 
Using organic materials that are both waterproof and UV resistant protects both you and our planet. All SmartCovers are easy to wash and completely reusable. With a set of 3-4 masks you’ll always have one to wear!

Experience strong immunity

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