Should Children Wear Masks?

Children wearing masks has been the long debate. With schools opening however, masks are now mandated which naturally raises many questions.

“Is it safe for my child to wear a mask all day?” “Will it affect their learning?” “Do masks create anxiety for children?” 

Here’s what’s important to remember. 

While children are more sensitive to changes, they’re far more malleable and adaptive than adults. Associating anxiety or fear with mask wearing is less of an internal instinct for children and more a reflection of what they see around them. 

When a situation arises that demands a child to wear a mask (school, shopping etc), here’s a list to ensure it is done so safely and properly to avoid a). Negative responses b). Health disturbances and c). Objection 

  •  Invest in their comfort 
  • Too many masks on the market are cheaply designed with poor ventilation, irritating materials and saggy fits. Don’t hesitate to pay a little extra for a mask that is professionally designed and medically recommended.

  • Lead the way 
  • Children mirror every move we make. You can encourage a positive reaction to masks simply by how you respond to wearing yours. 

  • Size it appropriately 
  • Children’s curiosity has them touching everything they come into contact with. A mask that doesn’t fit properly means they’ll spread those germs straight onto their faces while they work to keep it in place. Adjustable straps and a nose bridge are essential

  • Prioritize breathability
  • Proper oxygen levels are critical - especially during early years of development. Even a slight infringement on normal inhalation levels accumulated through an entire school day can have adverse effects. 

  • Keep it clean 
  • Most children are sensitive to textures and smells so always ensure you have a set of clean masks to rotate through. This is especially important for children who are in the messy years of play! 


    So … is it safe for your child to wear a mask? 

    Disposable masks? No. Too many chemicals and improper sizing. 

    Cloth masks? No. Ineffective designs and cheap materials. 

    Hybrid masks? Yes. Appropriate ventilation. Comfortable fit. Medically designed. 

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