Mask Mythbusters

At this point we've heard it all. 

Some are so outrageous they're comical, but others can hover in between True and False. To help you decipher the truth we've debunked our favourite myths about wearing a mask!

“Masks prevent proper oxygenating”
A cloth mask lacks the density to interfere with any circulation of gases like oxygen or carbon dioxide. It’s intensity provides enough protection to reduce the spread of aerosols and other pathogen vessels while still maintaining proper airflow for good health. 
“Masks guarantee safety” 
While masks add significant protection, it is the combined effort of washing your hands, maintaining good social distancing and avoiding touching your face that create the best results. 
“Masks infringe upon my freedom”
Perhaps. Or we could consider them as the means to which we receive the freedom to return to a lot of our favourite activities.
“Masks aren’t even effective…” 
Studies show that masks help prevent the transfer (via droplets created from talking, coughing, etc) of over 95% of harmful pathogens. They also confirm preventing a high percentage of aerosols from affecting you. 
“A mask is a mask”
True. But false. 
With lots of masks infusing the market be wise in discerning the amateurs from the professionals. 3-layered, medically recommended and clinically tested are essential criteria in order to choose an effective mask.  
“How I wear a mask doesn’t matter” 
Oh but it does! 
Ensuring the mask covers both the mouth and nose, follows proper contouring lines of the face and is appropriately sized all contribute to the efficacy of the mask. 

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