How To Buy The Right Mask

Choosing a mask isn’t quite as simple as buying a pair of socks. We’ve broken down important priorities to help you find the perfect solution. 


75% of people cite ‘discomfort & soreness’ as the reason for not wearing masks. While your safety is important, so is wearing a covering that allows you to enjoy your everyday tasks. 


If chosen correctly, your mask can actually enhance your outfit and become a trendy accessory. SmartCovers follow proper contour lines which work with the natural curvature of the face. 


You’ve probably seen a lot of big brands beginning to produce masks. A large portion are not appropriately tested. Choose a cover that a). Follows medical recommendations and b). Has been proven effective in a lab. 


Because of the direct contact between mask and face, be careful about toxins emitted from materials. Nanotech fabric is endorsed with unique properties that dissolve all microorganisms - including toxic gases from fibres. 


Billions of masks are discarded each month. The health of individuals is top priority, but so is the preservation of our planet. Ensure your mask is 100% reusable by checking its washing capacities and filtration systems (some require additional purchases of disposable filters). 
To find a mask that meets all your priorities, choose SmartCover.

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