How To Avoid Another Lockdown

The human need for connection is showing itself in the rising numbers of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the desire for association often causes a compromise to health precautions. To avoid the looming threat of another isolatory lock-down, we’ve created several strategies to feed your social hunger without jeopardizing your safety. 

  • Wear A Mask
  • It’s simple but significant. A lot of opportunities to socialize are opening to those willing to wear a mask. Our favourite mask is SMARTCOVER.

  • Social Distance 
  • In most countries, small gatherings are allowed if they accommodate for proper social distancing. Choose activities that provide lots of space for each participant. 

  • Monitor Your Health
  • During a pandemic, staying home (even when you feel nothing more than a slight cold) isn’t dramatic. It’s considerate. Never prioritize your own entertainment above someone’s health. 

  • Wash Your Hands 
  • The science confirms that the effort is worth it. Carrying hand-sanitizer and disinfecting objects after each use will help prevent spreading any harmful bacteria. 

  • Utilize Technology 
  • In addition to the multiple platforms for communication, many tech industries have awesome platforms for playing games, exercising, cooking and hundreds of other activities with friends virtually. 

    A few tweaks to our normal interactions ensures we maintain a safe environment to socialize with one another. 

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