HEY YOU! Where’s your mask?

It's safe to say that no one really enjoys wearing a mask. But! When we understand the purpose and importance of such a habit, it's easier to make the sacrifice. In case you need some motivation, here's 5 really good reasons you - and everyone you know - should be wearing a mask. 

Prevents Face Touching

An important part of wearing masks is to protect your face from your hands - which dust a lot of surfaces in a single day. A mask ensures there’s no contamination transfer from hand to mouth / nose. 

Shows Respect 

Wearing a mask sends a message of consideration for the health of everyone in your community. It represents respect for others, not just yourself. 

Protects From Aerosols

Aerosols are the water molecules that circulate when we talk, cough and sneeze. They act as a Ferrari for pathogens to transfer between individuals. You prevent the spread when you create a barrier … a mask. 

Physical Reminder to Social Distance 

A cover helps make more safety-conscious decisions when out in public. Oftentimes it reminds us to adhere to physical distancing measures. 

Abides with Health Advisories 

Health Authorities around the world continually stress the importance of masks in achieving a safe community. When you wear a mask you’re complying with these medical suggestions. 
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