Don’t Want To Double Mask? Try This

There’s an alternative no one even knows about!

With new variants over 70% more transmissionable it’s clear we’ll need to leverage our measures in order to successfully combat the COVID-19 virus. 

Recent research has found that double masking is an effective way to level up our protection. Each layer a virus must fight in order to reach its host significantly dilutes its ability to infect the individual. 

But introducing this new structure comes with significant downfalls

Double masking is stuffy…

Double masking would double waste...

Double masking is too expensive…

Is there an alternative? 


Hybrid masks have proven to be an extremely effective, affordable and environmentally responsible source of protection since the beginning. Their unique structure gives them the upper hand from regular cloth masks. 

There are two things a mask must have in order to qualify as effective as double masking

  1. A snug, contoured fit 
  2. A series of layers 

One hybrid mask - like SmartCover - is just as effective as two regular masks. Not only are SmartCovers made out of advanced nanotechnology material that comfortably outlines the profile of the face, they are built with 3 durable layers : 

The Shell

As the first point of contact with the virus, the shell is both water resistant and UV protectant. Embedded with silver nanoparticles it 

The Filter 

SMS filters are hidden in the middle of the mask with an impressive 98% BFE. 

The Lining 

To ensure comfort, organic cotton completes the final layer. 

In addition, hybrid masks are equipped with nosebands and adjustable straps to ensure the masks stay in position for all periods of time. 

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