Do I Still Need To Wear A Mask?

With vaccines rolling out across the world, many questions remain regarding what a post-vaccinated word might look like. 

“Will masks be mandated?” 

“Will social distancing be enforced?” 

“Will we ever go back to normal?” 

The speed of the vaccine has given us hope that we are approaching a resolution. It also means the science is too new to have all the answers. 

How does the vaccine work? 

The vaccine produces enough antibodies to prevent COVID-19 from hospitalizing a person (as has been proven by the drastic drop in hospitalizations and deaths since vaccines became available). However, the vaccine does not stop the transmission of COVID-19. 

What does that mean? 

To put it simply : you can still infect others even when you’re vaccinated. And since there’s no way to tell if those around you are vaccinated, it’s important to treat everyone as if they’re still at risk. 

“How should I behave once vaccinated?” 

  1. Wear Your Mask 

It’s true. Infected aerosols won’t threaten you anymore. However, they still pose a risk to others. Preventing any molecules produced by you is how you can protect those around you. This is best achieved when wearing a mask - like this one. 

      2. Wash Your Hands 

Contaminated surfaces might not harm you, but those you unknowingly transfer them to could be at risk. 

      3.   Social Distance 

Respect that much of the general public is still awaiting their vaccination and rely on social distancing for protection. Around friends and family, become aware of their vaccination status before resuming any close contact like hugs and handshakes. 

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