COVID, the Flu and You

If COVID-19 wasn’t enough to keep us on our toes, the arrival of Flu Season certainly is. 

In history, the pandemics that spanned from 1918 right through to 2009 all followed a similar pattern of heating up during the Fall and early Winter. It is no coincidence that this also happens to be when the Flu pays its visit. 

So how bad is it to catch the Flu while another virus - COVID19 - is still 

circulating in the atmosphere? 

It could be fatal. 

Any mix of two pathogens can overwhelm our immune systems amplifying the fatality of the illness significantly. 

The good news? 

For months we’ve grown accustomed to conscious measures for staying healthy and safe. These include

  • Wearing a Mask 
  • Frequent Hand Washing
  • Social Distancing
  • Monitoring Health

Individuals who practice these simple health precautions will greatly reduce their exposure to and development of these threatening diseases. 

If you haven’t already purchased a medically recommended mask, we suggest getting one now. 

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