Best Mask For The Gym

When it comes to breathability, no one will be more sensitive than athletes. Especially those engaged in cardiovascular activities. Because of the heavy exertion of breath, close proximity to others and a constant rotation of touching equipment, gyms can be a breeding ground for viruses - making a good mask all the more essential. 

How do I find the best mask for the gym? 

Great question! There are a few essential characteristics you’ll want to look for in order to be fully satisfied with your choice. These include: 


The following features are critical to look for when scouting for a mask that’ll allow for maximum oxygen intake. 

  • Moisture Resistance 
  • A lot of times it’s the moisture build-up that creates the muggy sensation which interferes with our breathing. Nanotechnology materials prevent moisture build-up, acting as a great indicator to the breathability of the mask. 

  • Contouring Lines 
  • The fit of a mask has a big impact on airflow. Without proper contouring lines the mask caves against the mouth and nose, making it nearly impossible to get a full inhale. 


    If there’s one mask you really should wash after every single use, it’s the one you wear while exercising! It can be a nuisance to maintain this routine but choosing a mask that meets the following requirements makes it a whole lot easier. 

  • SMS Filters 
  • Tired of having to insert disposable filters? Hybrid masks are the perfect solution. The filtration is not only 98% effective, but it’s bonded within the mask, meaning you can throw the whole thing in the wash! 

  • Lightweight Materials 
  • If you’re handwashing masks you’ll know how important minimal dry time. Finding fabrics that are ultra effective (like nanotechnology) causes reduction to material density and in turn makes the mask easy to wash and quick to dry. 

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